Key Words & Phrases


・business card(名刺)
・exchange of business cards / exchanging business card(名刺交換)
・first meeting(初対面)
・business connection(取引先)
・business relation(取引関係)
・business card holder(名刺入れ)
・hand over(手渡す)


・business talk(商談)
・belong to(~に所属する・属する)
・contribute to(寄与する・プラスになる)
・bow lightly (軽くお辞儀をする)
・express one’s gratitude(感謝の気持ちを表す)


What’s Meishi-Kokan?(名刺交換って何?)

・Meishi-Kokan means exchanging business cards in Japanese.
・Just like other countries, people in business exchange their business cards when meeting for the first time.
・In Japan, the main purpose of exchanging business cards is to identify which company you belong to and to introduce yourself in your first meeting. This contributes to creating business connections.
・A proper exchange of business cards matters a lot in Japan. Exchanging business cards politely and professionally is one of the most important asset in starting a business relation.

How do you exchange business cards in Japan?(日本ではどうやって名刺交換するの?)

・Firstly, many business personnel keep their own business card holder so they can pull out their business card smoothly in a meeting.
・For handing over business cards, take out your card from the holder and hold it with both hands at the corners so that the recipient can see your name properly, and then give it to him/her with a brief self-introduction and a light bowing.
・As for receiving business cards, you need to take a card with both hands expressing your gratitude and bowing lightly.

Are there any manners I need to know?(知っておいたほうがいいマナーはある?)

・You shouldn’t put the cards that you received into your card holder. You need to leave them on the table until the meeting finishes. Needless to say, you can’t put them into your pocket or bag during the conversation.
・Speaking of the exchanging order, the visitor usually take out their business card first. In addition to that, exchanging business cards is initiated from the people in higher ranked positions in case there are several members in the meeting.
・Business card is an important part of your identity and it’s a taboo to write anything on it. You can not use them like a memo pad!




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