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By Gelo Abalos

He, who loses money, loses much; but he who loses happiness, loses life.

There are two types of workers in the business world, the dream catchers and the check seekers. Dream catchers are the ones who pursue their dreams and part of it is having a work-life balance. Check seekers on the other hand, are the ones who will do whatever it takes just to see 5 to 6 digits on their paychecks.

We all work to earn a living. No one works for 5 to 6 days a week for free, but if you know one, just try not to ask that person WHY because you will definitely go all out just to understand why he is trying to be a saint for someone.

Only polluted air is free nowadays and if you will not break your back, you will soon go broke literally. We are like prisoners of dead people in colored papers. We do everything just to have everything. We don’t have any choice but to work hard and be productive not only for our own future but for the future of our families.

One question here is that, are you happy with your job and well compensated? Happiness plays an important role in working. Some people are happy because they have work-life balance. Most people, however, spend most of their lives chasing the almighty dollar.

There is a quote that says “time will take your money, but money won’t buy time.” If we will continue making a living because we think it is the ONLY thing that brings happiness, we will end up growing old without any good memories of life to remember.

Working is part of people’s lives, but we must not make it to be our life. Pause, go outside and breathe. Give yourself time to enjoy the beauty of life. Build some great memories you will cherish because the BEST is yet to be.


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