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Summer and Falls

By Myles dela Cruz

Summer time in the Philippines is the most awaited period among students because it means vacation too. The months of April and May are full of events for the youth because most of their time is spent at home, in the provinces, or in other places.

Part of this enjoyment is going to the beach or swimming pools, or water falls to defeat the summer heat. However, going to resorts or swimming pools should be prepared in advance. It’s necessary to make a reservation first to avoid inconveniences because there might be a number of vacationists too, and the place might just be crowded.

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, it is gifted with natural resources that could satisfy people’s desire to bathe in freshwater. Aside from going to the beaches, why not try dipping in water with trees as a background?

There are many waterfalls in the country, and in the island of Luzon, there is a hidden natural falls in Rizal province which is called ‘Palo Alto Falls’. Once there, you would be awed by its majestic beauty. However, it’s not that easy to get to the falls. You have to take 249 steps going up. That’s also an added adventure because before you splurge in the water, you can exercise too!

If you’re ready to swim, be prepared for cold water that comes down. Yes, it’s best to go there during the summer season to avoid the temperature in the city but it’s also the time you’ll experience waterfalls with minimal drops because of the temperature. At least, you will still experience chilly water.

You always have a choice on how you’d like to enjoy this season. Swimming is by far the most awaited especially if you’re looking for adventure with nature. Let’s go!


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