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By: Mia Pastrana

“There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.”

So goes a Chinese proverb. It’s true for some, but most mothers have more than one. I’m happy to belong to the second group.

I recently gave birth to twin girls. It was unexpected because I thought twins won’t appear in my generation, since my brother and sister are also twins. I was thrilled when I found out and my partner was also amazed when I told him, as they would be the first twins in their family. My family now has two sets of twins and of different kinds, too.

Twins can be fraternal or identical. Fraternal (or dizygotic) twins, such as my siblings, developed from two separate fertilized eggs. They can be of the opposite or same gender and basically look different from each other. On the other hand, identical (or monozygotic) twins usually come from one fertilized egg that split into two as it develops. They are mostly same-sex and appearance is almost exactly alike. In rare cases, they could be a boy and a girl.

Most people get curious whenever they see twins. Some would even comment, “Wow, you’re lucky. I wish I have that, too.” However, it’s not all fun. Many times I wished I have eight arms so I can hold them both when they cry, so sharing duties in babysitting among family members is really appreciated. Moreover, there’s the challenge in budgeting because the basic expenses (diapers, milk, doctor’s fees, etc.) are twice as much.

Twins are almost always compared with each other. I see my daughters as two separate individuals with unique personalities. Early on, I already noticed their distinct behaviours. The older one likes to be cuddled a lot and cries when she feels she’s alone in the room. She’s also the more serious, not smiling easily but would just look at you. The younger one can play on her own and will just sleep when she gets tired. She’s the happier twin as she likes to laugh a lot.

As my kids grow and learn about life, I’d like them to recognize their own abilities and never compete with each other but with themselves. In success and failures, we should always assure our children of our continuous love and support, and mold them to become the people any parent would be very proud of.


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