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Myles講師の”How English became my favourite subject”





How English became my favourite subject

By: Myles Dela Cruz

During my elementary school days, as a sixth grader, my section adviser didn’t write my Math grade in the report card. Not that I was lacking requirements, but because she didn’t want to write the unpleasant grade on my card.

My mother’s attention was called to explain to her what would happen if that grade will be written. It should be 74, which means failed, since 75 and above means passed. My section adviser was so concerned for a reason I didn’t know then. According to my class performance, she has inferred that I could be one of the top students in class, except for that Math grade that could ruin everything.

Luckily, because of my mother’s cooperation with the teachers, I got the favour of a passing grade that even lead to an award on graduation day.

But still, I didn’t like numbers, maybe because there was no reinforcement in school, or maybe, I’m more in love with sounds and letters. I started to like English when I became a high school freshman. I fell in love with words that I even requested my aunt to give me a dictionary as a gift for my birthday. I used it every time I read stories with unfamiliar words.

Then, I started to love reading, vocabulary increased, and the English teacher became my favourite, including the subject. Reading stories and getting familiar with words gave me confidence to join spelling bee contests and write in our school paper.

Reading opened my mind to some inspiring stories I didn’t know happened to some people. It became my hobby that made me want to read more, and learn more. Writing in a school paper was just an extracurricular activity which gave me an idea about news printed in newspaper.

English gave me confidence to say hello to the world. And I hope it could happen to you also!


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