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英語でニッポンをフカボリ! DID YOU KNOW…?『おにぎり』


まずはKey Words & Phrasesから。


rice ball(おにぎり)
shape into ~(《~の形に》にぎる・形作る)
dried seaweed(海苔)
dried bonito flakes(鰹節の削り粉)


catch on(人気が出る・広まる) 
become accepted(受け入れられるようになる)
come in handy(重宝する)
gain popularity(人気を得る)
flavored with(~で味付けされた)
to name a few(2~3例を挙げると)
in recorded history(歴史の記録によると)
in any case(いずれにせよ)


Did you know that Japanese rice balls are becoming more popular outside Japan?

・Rice ball, also known as onigiri is one of the simplest and most convenient Japanese traditional foods.
・Onigiri is made from cooked rice shaped into balls, triangles or cylinders, and it is usually wrapped with dried seaweed.
・One of the reasons for its popularity is a variety of fillings, varying from classic to modern ingredients.
・Onigiri has been well-known as one of the conbini snacks among visitors from overseas, and it is starting to catch on outside of the country as well.
・It is an amazing fact that one of the Japanese specialties is becoming accepted worldwide.

3 Questions for Digging Deeper! 《 もっと掘り下げてみよう! 》

What fillings can you put in onigiri?

Common and traditional onigiri fillings include pickled plums, dried bonito flakes and salted kelp. These ingredients come in handy when making onigiri, as they are easy to prepare and many households keep them ready in the kitchen because they are non-perishable. In addition to traditional ingredients, some unique fillings have gained popularity such as tuna, cod roe and shrimp, flavored with mayonnaise.

What onigiri fillings are popular outside of Japan?

It seems that some popular fillings in Japan, such as tuna and mayonnaise are also accepted in other countries. It is probably due to non-Japanese being familiar with these ingredients and taste. Besides that, original recipes have been developed to suit local tastes. To name a few, original fillings include salmon with cream cheese in France and spicy chicken in the U.S.

Incidentally, since when do people in Japan eat onigiri regularly?

In recorded history, the original form of onigiri was thought to be eaten over 2000
years ago. It is said that sticky rice was used for the onigiri in ancient times and the current style of onigiri spread among people after the 19th century. In any case, onigiri is a familiar food for most Japanese people.



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