Key Words & Phrases


・Summer gift / mid-summer gift(お中元)
・gift-giving (贈答)
・summer gift season / Ochugen season(お中元のシーズン)
・first half of the year(上期)
・as a matter of courtesy(礼儀として)
・thank-you letter / thank-you note(礼状) 


・specific period of time(特定の期間)
・thankful for (~に感謝している)
・show appreciation for(~に対して感謝の意を表す)
・maintain good relations with(~と良好な関係を保つ) 
・sell well(よく売れる)
・average budget(平均の予算・予算の相場)
・it is to be noted that(~ということも留意・注意すべきだ)


What’s Ochugen?(お中元って何?)

・Ochugen refers to a Japanese custom of gift-giving in a specific period of time in summer.
・During Ochugen period, summer gifts are given to express gratitude to those who you are thankful for such as parents, superiors and acquaintances.
・Ochugen season is said to be between early July to mid-August, and gifts are sent to show appreciation for the first half of the year.
・The tradition of Ochugen is important to maintain good relations with people you care about.

What’s the popular gift? (人気のギフトは?)

・Food and beverage are always popular as an Ochugen gift. Especially, some kind of premium products, such as luxury fruits, beer and coffee, sell really well.
・Sending a catalog with various gift options is also popular. The recipient is able to choose a single item from variety of gifts in the catalog.  
・Incidentally, the average budget for one gift is around 3,000 to 5,000 yen.

Are there any manners I need to know?(知っておいたほうがいいマナーはある?)

・The best way to give an Ochugen gift is to directly hand it to the recipient, so you can give your words of gratitude to them.
・As a matter of courtesy, gifts should arrive during the Ochugen period. It is to be noted that the period slightly differs depending on the region you live.
・As for the recipient, thank you letter should be sent immediately upon receiving a gift.





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