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Key Words & Phrases


・historic city / former capital(古都)
・imperial family(皇室)
・shrine / Shinto shrine(神社)
・Kinkaku Temple / Kinkaku-ji / Golden / golden pavilion(金閣寺)
・golden leaf(金箔)


・tens of millions(数千万)
・surrounded by(~に囲まれている)
・main attraction of the town / city(街・都市の見どころ)
・foodie destination / foodie spot(グルメスポット)
・appreciated by(~に愛されている・


Can you tell me about Kyoto?(京都について教えてください)

・Kyoto is a historical city, which is located in the western region of Japan. Kyoto has a number of historical sites, boasting a long history and culture.
・Kyoto used to be the location where the imperial family resided and was the capital of Japan for over 1,000 years. As a result, it developed as a center of politics and culture.
・Kyoto is now one of the most popular destinations for tourists, where tens of millions visit every year.

Where do you think I should go in Kyoto?(京都でおすすめの場所は?)

・The main attraction of the city includes shrines, temples, gardens, museums and many foodie destinations.
・Rokuon-ji, known as Kinkaku Temple, ranks as one of the most visited temples in Kyoto. Having originally built in 1224, its current structure is covered in golden leaf. The golden pavilion shimmers in front of a pond and it looks beautiful.
・Speaking of food, the Nishiki food market attracts many visitors. The market is a narrow shopping street, lined by more than one hundred shops and restaurants, which sell variety of foods such as sweets, vegetables, seafood and so on. They are called “Kyoto’s kitchen” and appreciated by the local people.

What’s the climate like in Kyoto?(気候はどんな感じなの?)

・Each season is quite apparent in Kyoto.
・Summer in Kyoto is blisteringly hot and extremely cold in winter. The reason for this is because the city is surrounded by mountains on three sides, which makes a basin form in the middle. Kyoto has a typical basin climate.  





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