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Key Words & Phrases


・Japanese sweets / Japanese confections/ Japanese confectionery(和菓子)
・tea ceremony(茶の湯・茶道)
・green tea(緑茶)
・plant ingredient(植物性の素材・材料)
・western sweets(洋菓子)
・sweet bean paste / anko(餡子)
・fish-shaped pan cake(たい焼き)
・Japanese bun filled with sweet bean paste(饅頭)
・rice cracker / Japanese cracker(煎餅)
・Japanese sweet rice dumpling(団子)
・bean-jam-filled wafer(最中)


・associated with(~と関係がある)
・designed to(~するように作られている)
・go well with(《料理などが》~とよく合う)
・it is not an overstatement to say that(~と言っても過言ではない)
・more than just (ただの~ではない)
・tend to(どちらかと言えば~だ) 
・made from(《原料・材料》でできている・作られている) 
・sort of(~のようなもの・いわば)
・widely accepted(大いに・広く受け入れられている)


What’s Wagashi? (和菓子って何?)

・Wagashi refers to Japanese confections. It is originally associated with the Japanese tea ceremony and generally designed to go well with green tea.
・It’s not an overstatement to say that traditional wagashi is more than just sweets. Expressing a sense of the season, they look delicate and beautiful.
・Some of the Japanese confections are popular for everyday snacks and can be enjoyed casually.

What’s the features of Wagashi? (和菓子の特徴って何?)

・Japanese sweets are mainly made from plant ingredients such as beans, fruits, grains and starch flour. That’s why they tend to be low in calories.
・Although Japanese confections are quite sweet, they generally contain less sugar compared to western sweets.
・Sweet bean paste, known as “anko” in Japan, is the key ingredient and used in many Japanese confections.

What is the most popular Wagashi? (一番人気の和菓子って何?)

・One of the most popular Japanese sweets is probably “Taiyaki”.
・Taiyaki is a fish-shaped cake grilled in a special pan, which is similar to a waffle maker and the taste is rich. They are typically filled with sweet bean paste, but the fillings have expanded to chocolate, custard cream, sweet potato and many others.
・Taiyaki is a sort of street food, widely accepted among visitors to Japan as well as Japanese people.




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