Key Words & Phrases


・the Golden Week Vacation / holiday(ゴールデンウイーク)
・period of holiday(休暇の期間)
・natoinal holiday(国民の祝日) 
・Constitution Day(憲法記念日)
・Greenery Day(みどりの日)
・Children’s Day(こどもの日) 
・consecutive holidays(連休)
・substitute day off / holiday(振替休日) 
・public holiday(公休)


・made up with(~で構成される)
・used to(以前は~だった)
・followed by(その後に~が続く)
・in addition to(~に加えて)
・fall on(《日付が》~にあたる)
・go back to one’s hometown(帰省する・故郷に帰る)
・state of emergency(緊急事態宣言)
・encouraged to(~することを推奨されている)
・unless it is an essential need(必要でない限りは)
・film business(映画業界)
・prime time(ゴールデンタイム)
・take root(根付く・定着する)


What’s Golden Week? (ゴールデンウィークって何?)

・The holiday period starting from end of April till early May, which contains a number of national holidays is called the “Golden Week”.
・The Golden Week Holiday is made up with four national holidays starting with the Day of Showa on April 29th, which used to celebrate the birthday of the Emperor Showa.
・It is followed by the Constitution Day on May 3rd, the Greenery Day on May 4th and the Children’s Day on May 5th. Incidentally, if a national holiday falls on Sunday, the following Monday becomes a substitute day off.
・In addition to these consecutive holidays, many people take paid holidays between the national and public holidays to make it a long vacation by filling the gaps.

What do the Japanese people do during the Golden Week?(日本人はゴールデンウィークの間何をするの?

・Typically, many Japanese people go back to their hometowns or take trips during the period, and that is why it is one of the busiest and most expensive seasons in Japan.
・Speaking of this year, most people will probably stay at home as the nation-wide state of emergency was declared due to the new coronavirus outbreaks. The citizens are encouraged to stay at home unless it is an essential need until the end of the Golden Week holidays.

Why is it called “Golden Week”?(どうして「ゴールデンウイーク」なの?)

・The term “Golden Week” was created in the film business in the 1950s for advertisement purpose.
・1950s was the heyday of radio in Japan and the term “Golden Week” is based on a jargon “the golden time”, meaning the prime time of a radio broadcast.
・By the way, the term “the Silver Week” was also introduced referring to the long holiday period in fall, but it didn’t take root.

和製英語の代表例とも言えるゴールデンウイーク。日本固有のものですので “Golden Week”と言ってもOKですが、それがどんなものなのかを具体的に説明するようにしましょう。



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