Key Words & Phrases


・business year / fiscal year(営業年度・会計年度)
・the end of a business year / the end of a fiscal year(年度末)
・academic year / school year(学校の年度)
・people in business(働いている人・仕事に就いている人)
・busy time / busy period(繁忙期)
・one of the busiest times(もっとも忙しい時期のひとつ)
・get / receive more orders(受注が増える)
・personnel change / staff change (人事異動)


・from ~ until…(~から・・・の間)
・differ depending on(~によって異なる)
・season for (~の季節・シーズン)
・farewell and welcome party(歓送迎会)
・at the turn of(~の変わり目に)
・consist of(~から成る・構成される)
・drinking and dining (飲食)
・Izakaya / Japanese-style pub / Japanese tavern (居酒屋)
・starting with(~から始まって・~を皮切りに)
・interact with(~と交流する)
・open up to one another(互いに打ち解ける)
・farewell speech / goodbye speech (別れのスピーチ・挨拶)
・give words of appreciation(ねぎらいの言葉をかける)
・as for(~に関しては)


What’s Nendo-mastu? (年度末って何?)

・Nendo-matsu refers to the end of a business year or fiscal year.
・The typical fiscal year in Japan runs from 1 April until 31 March of the next year but it differs depending on industry.
・Academic year in Japan also starts in April and ends in March.

What happens at Nendo-matsu? (年度末は何があるの?)

・Many people in business will be having a busy time towards the end of the business year.
・My work gets really hectic as we get more orders at the end of the fiscal year.
・It is difficult to take a paid holiday during March because it is one of the busiest times of the year.
・It is also a season for welcome and farewell parties at workplace. It is because it will be time for personnel changes.
・Many companies make personnel changes at the turn of the year.

Incidentally, what do you do at a welcome and farewell party? (ちなみに歓送迎会って何をするの?)

・Typically, the party consists of drinking and dining at a nice restaurant or Japanese-style pub.
・Starting with a toast, attendees enjoy talking about their memories and interacting with new people to open up to one another while eating and drinking..
・People who are leaving give a farewell speech at the end of the party, and the manager gives words of appreciation to them.  
・As for new people, they introduce themselves to staff members of the team they are joining. 




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