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Sandy講師の旅行記~Bangkok for a few days~


スポーツ観戦、イベント参加、異文化交流と様々な趣味を持っている彼女が同僚講師(Ella, Jean, Weng)とタイへ訪問したようです。



(左から、Weng, Jean, Sandy, Ella)

The first time I set foot in Bangkok, Thailand, I thought I was still in Manila. The climate was exactly the same. The people, dressed and looked exactly like Filipinos. As our vehicle passed along the overpass, I thought the buildings, houses, and the entire metropolitan looked very much like Manila. So what makes Bangkok different from Manila?
First, the language. Very few Thai people can speak English, and even if they did, it was very difficult to understand their accent. Most of the time, our way of communicating with them was through hand gestures, but sometimes, we made an effort in speaking a few Thai words. My friends and I were very grateful for the internet as our guide. Thai people are nice, but most of the time, they have very little patience unlike the Filipinos.

Second is the gastronomical experience. There in Bangkok, you will see countless arrays of street food. I think the street food is more interesting, and more enjoyable that the ones in the restaurants. You’ll see them cook the food right in front of you so you know it’s clean. The coconut pudding was to die for as well as the Pad Thai. It was only in Thailand where I had the courage to taste some of the most exotic foods I know like the grasshopper and the bamboo caterpillar. Surprisingly, I found the caterpillar to be very tasty.

Third, we visited the most famous temples (Wat Arun and Wat Pho) and the giant Buddha. During those times, you would really feel like you are in a different country. We admired the intricate designs of the interiors and its history.

There were so many tourists everywhere. I have never seen so many tourists on a train and on streets. Then I learned that Bangkok is one the most visited places among tourists.

Another thing that you would really enjoy is shopping. The number of malls in one area is epic. Most of the prices are really cheap, so if you don’t bring enough money, you’ll end up going home disappointed.  I did a bit of research on what souvenirs to buy, so we went to some of the weekend markets. We didn’t have enough time, so sadly, we were not able to go to all the places that were on our list as we only had three days for the entire trip.

Overall, our trip was unforgettable but sort of a cliffhanger. I would go back and make up for the places that we were not able to visit and probably bring more money for shopping.

Sandy Mapua





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