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Kay Kuffel講師からの”さよなら”メッセージ

BBTオンラインの前身から5年以上勤めたKay Kuffel(ケイ クッフェル)講師が8月末で職場を離れることになりました。





My Journey as an English Instructor

By: Kay Kuffel-Hostellero

On October 1, 2016, could have been my five (5) happy years with BBT Online Global, Inc. How I wish that I could be a part of the celebration…

Looking back, I had more than five years to be proud of. I actually started as a print model for an English conversation school. Yes, I got paid to be the face of the company. It was my first time, but the experience has opened new doors.

Eventually, my Mom has finally enticed me to join the company and become an English Instructor. Presented with a good employment package, I had no heart to say “No”.

My connection to the school continued to grow until a new Company; BBT Online Global, Inc. was born. Those Instructors, whom I believe possess the right qualities and capabilities to teach, were transferred to the new Company and our flock has grown to be the BEST in the field. I was proud to be a part of the group!

As an incentive, we were the first group of four (4) who got sent to Japan for the Japan Fall Training (December 2011). For 14 days long, we explored and experienced the culture and the beauty that the country has to offer. Truly blessed, it has helped us grow to be better Instructors!

Allow me please to post this message from one of my students:

<<< Hi, Kay.
I feel a little sad that I can’t learn with you from now on.
However, I’m extremely grateful for you, Kay.
I really enjoyed learning English with you.
I hope that your difficulty is cleared soon.
And I also hope that your family have a run of good luck.
My best regards, F.M. (August 31)

As I say my “Goodbye!” I wish that I could still say “Hello!” I shall be back…

Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu!!


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