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11月13日~17日までの5日間、選抜された4名の講師(Leo, Carla, Ella, Eve)が研修のために来日しました。




My Great Japan Experience

By: Leo Ignacio

I have been blessed to be given the opportunity to join the Japan Fall Training 2017 with my three other colleagues, Carla, Ella, and Eve.

Our first night was already amazing as we were treated to a sumptuous dinner and given the opportunity to dine and converse with our beloved president, “BBD”. Different kinds of food kept on coming to our table for almost 3 hours straight (no kidding!) And of course, beer! Indeed, we had a blast!

On a Wednesday, we had a chance to meet and have a lesson focused on “Expressing Opinions” with our valued corporate clients. It was a fun and informative experience as we all learned from each other. We were pleased to have received positive feedback from them after and we sure do hope that they would spread the word to their coworkers to encourage them to join and study with us.

The BIG EVENT came. More than 40 people including some of our students attended our last evening party. Everyone participated in the games and showed such eagerness to talk to us that we didn’t get the chance to even eat anything. Truly, we were overwhelmed by everybody’s attention, hospitality and kindness; we felt like movie stars being mobbed by paparazzi!

This Japan trip is something that I will never forget. The food, the people, the places we visited and the nice treatment we received from our Japanese bosses, coworkers, and students were truly awesome. I didn’t expect the experience in “The Land of the Rising Sun” to be so great that I no longer wish to board the plane back to Manila.

On behalf of my three colleagues, I would like to thank everyone involved in making this Japan Fall Training a success. Thank you very much for everything. Till we meet again… KAMPAI!!!


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