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Gen Reyes講師からの”さよなら”メッセージ

BBTオンラインで4年間勤めたGen Reyes(ジェン レイエス)講師が卒業することになり、”さよなら”メッセージを届けてくれました。





By Gen Reyes

“Bittersweet”, the best word that could accurately describe what I’m feeling right now. Leaving a place that has been a second home for me for four years is definitely not easy. BBTOGI has molded me into someone I was just dreaming to be.

One thing that I will surely miss besides my students, are my colleagues. They are what the famous author and businessman Wilfred Peterson was talking about: the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the planners, the doers, and the successful people who have their heads in the clouds and yet keep their feet on the ground.

It was an honor working closely with people who have such passion and dedication to help someone learn. Neither typhoon nor personal/family emergencies will ever stop them from performing and doing their work well, ensuring quality lessons. These people have always a ready smile even though worrying inside. I am greatly humbled by your knowledge and work ethic, guys. You are the company’s great asset.

Some good things never last. I need to leave in order to move forward. I may be going, but my heart will hold all the beautiful memories I have of you. I wish for the company’s success.

To my students, it’s an honor meeting and teaching you. Keep going and never stop learning. Never say “It’s hard” or “It’s difficult”, instead say “It’s challenging.” Though learning a new language may not be easy but you are always in for the challenge and willing to achieve your goals. Always keep a positive mind.

May all of you, good people prosper. Gambarimashou and Sayonara!

BBTO-Gen has signed out.


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