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Gelo Abalos講師の自己紹介

オンライン専門のESL講師として経験を積んできたGelo Abalos(ジェロ アバロス)講師が自己紹介します。





By Gelo Abalos

Computer has been part of my life for 4 consecutive years now as an English instructor and fortunately it is still counting.

Computer allows me to communicate and educate people in different countries in Asia and I hope will let me travel around the continent as well.

I graduated from a state university in the Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Arts major in English. It opened an interesting opportunity for me to meet different people with not just different levels of comprehension and ability but also with different walks of life.

Dealing with different origins isn’t a piece of cake and everyone knows that. You need to be cautious with your actions and most especially with your words. But the toughest part of teaching online is influencing your students positively to love what they are doing and feel comfortable with the language that they will be using.

Being part of someone’s improvement really motivates me to try harder. I usually tell my students that every cloud has a silver lining and they must keep on moving forward. They cannot master something, especially a language, in just a few minutes and they badly need to exert time and much effort to achieve it.

I tried leaving this profession to try my luck or do something totally different but something pulled me back. I guess it is really part of my colorful professional life and perhaps I still have to play an important role in sharing my knowledge to other people which I really enjoy.


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