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Artistic Walkways in the Famous Business District—Makati

Written by Felanie Flores

The city of Makati is known for several things. It’s the richest local government unit in the Philippines, a hub of well-known shopping centers, and one of the oldest business districts in the Philippines. So, what is it like to walk on one of the busiest walkways in Makati?

I’d like to share with you my walking experience.

Along V.A. Rufino Street, there’s an elevated and covered walkway where busy people can walk from their offices to different shopping malls or to the nearest metro rail station—the Ayala Station. This walkway is connected to different streets intersecting V.A. Rufino Street which makes it easy for people to walk safely and stay dry if they want to have lunch in the nearby restaurants during the rainy season or if they want to walk under a shade during summer. Now, what makes the stroll on this walkway more worthwhile is the view of the beautiful graffiti.

The colorful graffiti allow you to take a short break from thinking about work and enjoy art.

It also allows you to have a short moment to reflect on life as you may read some quotations that would appeal to you. This makes walking in the busy city quite relaxing especially during lunch break or when you are going home from work.

Experiencing art relieves stress. These graffiti along walkways made art accessible to people who are usually busy and so that people can be reminded that we don’t live to work only. We also live to enjoy life.


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