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受講生との懇親会リポート by Fel講師





The BBT Party with Students

by Fel Flores

One of the main events of our five-day Japan trip was the Party prepared and organized by the BBT Japan team held on the 17th of November, Thursday. The party started at around 7 p.m. Almost forty students came to join the party. The party started with an opening speech from Mr. Masamoto the president of BBT online.

We were able to have a small-talk with the students during the party while having drinks and some Japanese food or snacks before, in between, and after some activities.

The first game we played in the party was the Trivia Question or True or False Game. After each sentence about the Philippines or the courses offered in BBT was stated, the students have to decide whether the statement was true or false. The group who chose the wrong side gets eliminated. In the end, seven people won the first round of the game. The winners won Philippine-made key chains and Philippine snacks. And because we still have some souvenirs and Philippine snacks to offer, we had a second round for this game.

For the Chinese Whisper, the students were divided into three teams, namely, Team Mena, Team Jean, and Team Fel. As a rule of the game, the instructor had to relay one sentence or phrase to a student, who should relay the same exact sentence or phrase to the next. For this game, Team Jean won. The best part is everybody still got a prize and everyone was able to bring home dried mangoes covered with chocolate.

In between games, each of the instructors also prepared a self-introduction and talked about some basic information, typical weekdays and weekends, and some interests and hobbies. This was a very good conversation starter because after the self-introduction of the instructors, the students started to share their own trips, and they asked questions about commuting in the Philippines.

At the start, some of the students were kind of shy and hesitant to talk, but after the activities and our self-introduction, some students started sharing their own trips and some of them talked about their work, too. The whole experience was really fun. It was one of the best times that we had in our trip. It was really nice to meet the students and have a relaxed conversation with them in English.


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