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Top Ten Emergency Items an Office-Goer Must Have

By: Sandy Mapua

With disasters hitting here and there, every now and then, it’s not a big surprise that you would see hard hats and emergency bags in most offices. While these things keep us worry-free, we have to remember that we travel outside the streets and a disaster may suddenly strike and find ourselves stranded somewhere. Remember, not all companies provide emergency items for their employees. So here is a list of my top-ten emergency items everyone must have in their bags:

1. Whistle – This is very useful in case a strong earthquake happens and you get stuck after a large debris falls on you. Even if you’re still alive, chances are you won’t be able to shout for help so a whistle may come in handy. It may also help in protecting yourself from robbers.

2. Food and Water – Granola bars, chocolates, crackers, candies or anything you like so long as they won’t require cooking.

3. First Aid or medicine – Prescription meds, Band-Aids, antiseptic, etc.

4. Hygiene – Antibacterial wipes, alcohol, and for women, sanitary napkins.

5. Mask – A mask may protect us from the dust (It gets dusty after an earthquake) and smoke in case a fire breaks out.

6. Raincoat or Poncho – An umbrella is useful for rainy days, but may cause more inconvenience during typhoons. Some people even keep a large heavy-duty garbage bag as an all-around emergency item.

7. Flashlight or penlight

8. Multi-tool – A Swiss-knife or something similar that includes tweezers to remove splinters.

9. A good book – For morale boost.

10. Emergency money – If there was one place I’d rather get stranded than any place else, that would be the supermarket or a convenience store. Why, the answer is obvious: there is a more adequate supply of food than anywhere else. But you can’t just get them; you have to pay for them.

I’m not saying that these are the only items that you should have. You can always customize your kit depending on your needs, lifestyle, and the kind of disaster that you’re preparing for. But please remember that having the knowledge and the will to survive are more important than these items. So keep safe everyone!


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