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Elyn講師の旅行記~My Sweet Escape to Korea~


母親と姉妹との念願の韓国旅行が実現し、5日間ソウル周辺の観光を満喫した様子が伝わってきます! ぜひご一読ください♪

I WAS IN AWE. My travel to Korea has been one of the important achievements I had in 2019.

A LONG OVERDUE TRAVEL PLAN. Our biggest struggle was to secure a visa. The booming number of tourists in Korea made it stricter with the requirements. Worse, most of the travel agencies I contacted, turned down our application. Indeed we faced a lot of problems during the visa filing, but even with a ton of hindrances, if it was really meant to be, the universe would conspire. I never thought that my mom, my sister and I will be granted a visa to enjoy the autumn season in the Land of the Morning Calm.

THE LAND OF THE MORNING CALM. We arrived in Korea in the morning and we weren’t prepared for the cold temperature. It was warm and comfortable inside the airport, but outside it was chilly. Excitedly, we took a train going to the city. Upon arrival in Seoul, immediately we started roaming around and visiting popular spots.

N SEOUL TOWER. This place is definitely for lovers. Part of the area, you will see a designated place, a waiting area where you can put padlocks; perhaps similar to what you see in Paris. We also get into the highest part of the tower, wherein you can see the whole city. At 7 p.m., we observed how downtown Seoul becomes busier for tourists and locals alike.

HELLO KITTY CAFÉ is situated inside the tower as part of the attraction for young girls and enthusiasts. You can easily access the place by simply buying a ticket, then you can check out the cutesy display of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. They have a historical display of Hello Kitty plush stuffed toys from different countries collected since 1970 up to the present.

NAMI ISLAND. Another usual Kdrama site, this became a household name in the Philippines since the television drama “Winter Sonata” shown years ago. This is a small island in Gapyeong, South Korea, famous for its foliage. The place is surrounded by multi-color trees during the autumn season. Some tourists couldn’t help but exclaim that the place is not only beautiful during autumn, but all year round, even in winter or spring.

GYEONGBUKGUNG PALACE. One of the grandest royal palaces in Korea situated in the Jongno District, North Seoul, in the middle of the town. This was built during the Joseon Dynasty. I enjoyed the immersion experience of wearing the traditional “Hanbok” – I picked the design that suits my taste; it made me feel like a princess of the old times.  I walked proudly as I toured the area; it gave me the privilege of seeing the whole area without the need to queue for the ticket.

BITTERSWEET.  Time to leave, my 5-day stay in South Korea was over.  But my Korea experience has brought me new life’s meaning and surely, I’ve learned a lot! I got to see this wonderful place and understand their culture first hand. I will surely miss the morning calm of Korea ~ until I visit again.

By Instructor Elyn




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