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Christmas in the Philippines

By: Leslie Tilos
Among the many countries in the world, the Philippines has the longest Christmas season. The season is already celebrated as early as September wherein the months ending with the syllable ‘ber’ are considered to be Christmas months.
Filipinos have a lot of Christmas traditions. Filipinos start hanging lanterns outside their homes and playing Christmas carols. Shopping sales are held more often to urge people to start buying gifts and avoid the holiday rush. The most popular is “Simbang Gabi” which starts on December 16th. It is a 9-day mass before Christmas that happens before the break of dawn or early in the morning around 4 AM. This mass is followed by churchgoers feasting on Filipino rice cakes & hot chocolate.
For Filipinos living and/or working abroad, Christmas is a time to come home to reconnect with old friends and beloved family members in the Philippines. Those who won’t be able to come home usually send big packages containing all sorts of goods to their families back home.
Basically, the essence of Christmas is not about Santa Claus with Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer but remembering the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas in the Philippines is something very special. For the Filipinos, this season is the time to forget all our woes and just focus on being happy and making everyone else happy as well. Christmas is about giving and helping those in need. It is about spreading the holiday cheer all over the islands and even overseas. It is about sharing, caring, forgiving, and loving everyone. It’s about living life with the meaning of LOVE.


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