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Che Hambre講師の自己紹介

母国語の他に日本語・韓国語・スペイン語を話すマルチリンガルで、英語講師をしながら赤十字で看護士としてボランティア活動も積極的に行っているという、スキルも経験も幅広いChe Hambre(チェ ハンブレ)講師が自己紹介します。




I am happy to tell you more about me; please call me CHE.

My real name is Joegie Jewels P. Hambre. I was born under the year of the Wood Ox (1985) in Manila but I grew up in the Province of Samar. After I graduated from high school, I moved back to Manila to pursue my college studies.

I took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing and proud to have graduated in year 2006 as one of the Outstanding Students. After 4 years, I took up units in Education as my passion in teaching grew deeper. But now, I decided to take up my Masters in Business Administration to boost further my business skills.

I love dancing, singing, watching movies, traveling and baking. I love meeting new friends. I also love learning different languages and now can speak Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

When I was young, I was active in Ballet and Gymnastics. I was also a member of the Junior Bayanihan Dance Group, a folk dance group in our school.

One of my teachers said that “NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS, INSTEAD, COMPARE YOURSELF TO YOURSELF.” At first, I didn’t understand the message, but as my journey through life continues I discover the deeper meaning of it. This has inspired me to start my career path as a teacher.

At my young age, I have already accomplished a lot. I fulfilled my profession as a nurse for 2 years. Now, I am a teacher and have been teaching for 9 years already. Meantime, I still continue my nursing profession as an active volunteer nurse in Philippine Red Cross. But my passion in teaching remains to be on top of my list.

A piece of advice that continues to linger in my head, my ballet instructor has once shared with me and please allow me to repeat it with conviction, “NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. YOU KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS YET YOU CAN STILL SURPASS THEM, DISCOVER YOUR WEAKNESSES AND DEFEAT THEM.

Always remember that it’s never too late to become what you want in life. There’s always room for change; there’s always room for chance. Believe me, you and I still have many opportunities to become better. So come on! Let’s discover where we could go from here!


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